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      Dr. Pappas, when Jesus turned water into wine, I have had discussions about this with other people saying that it was alcoholic wine. And it's my belief that it was unfermented fruit of the vine (grape juice). I believe people at that time used the word "wine" interchangeably to mean both fruit juice and alcoholic beverage. In the Greek language what is it?

Thank you for your question concerning wine in the Greek.There are three words for wine in the Greek. Here is how they are used: Sweet wine (Gr. gleukos). This is sometimes called new wine which is grape juice, fresh out of the field. Wine (Gr. oinos, from the Hebrew). This is fermented wine and this is the word used in John 2:9 as Jesus supernaturally makes aged wine from water. Sour wine (Gr. oxos). This is sometimes called vinegar or old wine. This is what the soldiers gave Jesus on the cross (John 19:29-30). It is this old wine that Roman soldiers would cut with water to make it drinkable.

   I hope that helps.
   John Pappas, ThD